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The Headway Centre at Le Coie opens 5 days a week to run various sessions and operates a mini bus service to collect our brain injured members. Many of our members have varying degrees of disability ranging from physical to emotional and behavioural effects. During our sessions we offer different activities to help rehabilitate, engage our members and to promote well being and a healthy lifestyle.

Over the past few years we have seen some fantastic results which include supporting our members to regain life skills, confidence and adapt to their disability. Rehabilitation sessions have helped to improve mobility, independence and a sense of achievement which has lead to individuals being able to return to work. Some members most affected by their brain injury will require support for the rest of their lives.

We produce a monthly Activities Calendar which is sent to each of our members and if interested please contact us at the details below.

Address- Headway Centre, Le Coie, Springfield Rd, St Saviour JE2 7DN

Tel- 505937

email – headwayinjersey@gmail.com

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Headway Jersey don't often send out newsletters, but if you'd like to stay informed please submit your email address below and we will add you to our list for future reference.

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A Brain Injury can affect anyone at any age. At Headway Jersey we're here to help.

At Headway Jersey we're here to help you and your family if you have suffered from an acquired Brain Injury.

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Not only has Daniel Buckross of Db Lifestyle and Circle Wellness Academy provided us with a top quality prize for our competition worth £650, but also this FREE home Fitness e book Train Me Well.
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We're here at Headway Jersey to provide our members and their carers with a variety of services. This means a brain injured person can feel more relaxed and able to manage Brain Injury related stress more easily. #braininjury #jerseyci #charity #makingadifference

During these challenging times we are having to come to terms with self isolation.
Many of our Headway Jersey members have been dealing with these feelings and much more since suffering their Brain Injury. Featured is Belinda's story through Headway UK. #Jerseyci #charity

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