About Headway Jersey

Headway Jersey provides essential support, information and services to people in Jersey who are affected by brain injury. As the charity has grown and awareness of the work we do for those who are affected by brain injuries increases, we are contacted regularly for information and advice.

From very small beginnings  in 1997 the charity has grown dramatically. The Headway centre is now seeing an increase in the number of referrals. We currently have over 150 survivors of brain injury registered with us as members. Some require occasional support, however up to 70 members access our services on a weekly basis. These services are an essential lifeline for our members and also provide support and respite to families and carers who need it most.


About Brain Injury

There are two types of brain injury, traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury. For more information on both of these as well as our downloadable fact sheets, click here.


About the Centre

The Headway Centre at Le Coie opens 5 days a week to run various sessions and operates a mini bus service to collect our brain injured members.

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Our Team

The Headway team is made up of a small team of staff  and many volunteers who assist within the Headway Centre, in our office and at our Charity shop.

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Our Services

Each service user has individual needs regarding their recovery and the charity has developed a diverse range of physical and cognitive rehabilitation programmes to meet as many needs as possible. Brain injury survivors can benefit from a range of facilities.

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The Shop

The charity shop will not only be selling the usual range of quality items including clothing, shoes, furniture and bric-a-brac but will also stock a range of cycle helmets, cards and crafts.

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Headway UK

Despite all of the money raised by Headway Jersey remaining on the Island, we still maintain an affiliation with the main Headway charity in the UK

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Stay Informed

Headway Jersey don't often send out newsletters, but if you'd like to stay informed please submit your email address below and we will add you to our list for future reference.

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Be A Winner!
Our 50/50 raffle first prize is now up to £3,800 and rising and we can take contactless payments too.
Come on down to see our amazing team at the fountain in Broad Street and buy a few tickets @£5 each and help us continue to provide our life changing services.

Be a Winner!
This week from Monday to Friday, 11a.m. - 2p.m. we have our Headway Jersey stand by the fountain in Broad Steeet, where we will be selling our popular 50/50 raffle tickets @£5 each.We can accept contactless payments too.The first prize is already in excess of £2,400

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